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Chevron Belt Provides Superior Debris Pickup, Quieter Operation

Elgin, IL – July 2015

Elgin Sweeper has expanded the availability of the Chevron conveyor belt by offering it as a standard feature for its family of truck-mounted mechanical street sweepers. The Chevron belt provides improved hopper loading, better tracking, superior debris pickup, stronger belt cleats, reduced sticking and quieter operation.

Chevron Belt

A standard feature on the Elgin Pelican® mechanical sweeper since 2006, the Chevron belt will now be standard on the Elgin Eagle®. Due to the versatility of Elgin Sweeper's consolidated mechanical sweeper platform, the Chevron belt is now available for the Elgin Broom Bear® and Road Wizard® mechanical sweepers when ordered with a conveyor belt instead of a squeegee-type conveyor. The Chevron belt will continue to be available as an after-market offering for customers when replacing the current conveyor belt on their sweeper.

"The revolutionary design of our Chevron conveyor belt is another example of Elgin Sweeper providing unmatched sweeping performance in all operating conditions and environments, and greater value to our sweeper customers," said James Crockett, sweeper products manager at Elgin Sweeper.

Improved hopper loading

Unlike the straight cleats on a standard conveyor belt, the angled cleats on the Chevron belt greatly improve hopper loading by throwing debris to the center of the hopper, significantly reducing right-side loading. Even distribution of debris in the hopper allows the sweeper to operate for longer periods of time without stopping to dump.

Moving the debris toward the center of the conveyor belt diminishes edge spill-over that can cause trailing. "By eliminating trailing, the sweeper does a better job of picking up debris, so there are no call-backs to sweep the area a second time," Crockett said.

Improved tracking

The Chevron belt features a poly/nylon fabric that resists stretching, resulting in improved tracking, fewer adjustments and reduced downtime. "Elongation test results showed only 0.5-percent stretch in the Chevron belt fabric, compared to a 2.9-percent stretch in typical conveyor belt fabric," Crockett said. "This is an important technical improvement introduced by Elgin Sweeper.

Superior debris pickup

The ribs between the cleats on the Chevron belt are six times the height of some standard conveyor belts, and much more effective at moving even fine debris into the hopper.

Stronger belt cleats

The integrally molded cleat design on the Chevron conveyor belt is more rugged than standard conveyor belt cleats. The Chevron conveyor belt features a 0.50-inch wide square top cleat. This design reduces flexing and spill over and increases debris pickup. Unlike cleats with a rounded or radius base, the stronger, chamfered base on the cleat of the Chevron belt has a 15-percent greater resistance to flex cracking, which is a frequent cause of belt failure.

Reduced sticking

An improved bottom cover compound on the Chevron belt virtually eliminates belt sticking and the need for service adjustments, resulting in increased operating time. The compound also significantly increases resistance to abrasion from rollers or debris, extending the life of the conveyor belt.

Quieter operation

Progressive movement of the cleat over the conveyor rollers eliminates the loud, constant thumping noise that is common among standard conveyor belts with straight cleats.

For more information on the Chevron conveyor belt for Elgin Sweeper's mechanical sweepers, please contact your local Elgin Sweeper dealer, or visit to find a dealer near you.

Elgin Sweeper offers the latest sweeping technologies – mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control – to municipalities, contractors and industries. Elgin Sweeper is committed to taking advantage of leading technologies to provide exceptional sweeper performance while reducing the overall negative impact of air and water pollution to the environment. With more than 100 dealer locations around the world, the company's dealer partner professionals provide unmatched customer service and expertise.

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