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Los Angeles Testing Dulevo Electric Mini Sweeper for Bike Paths

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Dulevo also sells 23 of its model 6000 sweepers to City of Denver.

August 2018

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Cycle paths in the City of Los Angeles are now being cleaned with the Dulevo D.zero2, an Italian-made electric mini-sweeper. Dulevo, a company from Parma, Italy, touts the sweeper as "the first electric street sweeper characterised by 0 emissions and 100% performance." The super-compact, very maneuverable, is able to cover a whole working shift without having to recharge. The administration of Los Angeles, which is very attentive to alternative mobility and environmental sustainability, has purchased a Dulevo D.zero2 and is testing it with the intention of expanding the fleet of battery-powered vehicles that keep the cycle paths of the entire area clean.

Made in Italy and Now Available in the USA

Founded in Parma in 1976, Dulevo now sells its commercial, industrial and urban cleaning vehicles in 80 countries. The D.zero2 electric sweeper was presented during Italy's 22nd annual Ecomondo Trade Fair held at the end of 2017. The new sweeper, says company officials, attracted the interest of various public administrations, both Italian and foreign. The extensive interest in the model, they say, helped to make Dulevo aware of new markets, including the United States.

Dulevo 6000 In 2018 Dulevo also won a public tender to provide 23 units of its 6000 High Dump model to the city of Denver, Colorado. The 6000s will be used for urban cleaning and are characterized by their high degree of energy efficiency. In total, Dulevo boasts of having sold a total of 41 road sweepers in the U.S. marketplace in recent months.

Products Designed by Focusing on Research

Dulevo management says that the sweeping system for its machines has been developed with a main objective of reducing emissions of fine dust (PM10) and noise. It is also the only company in the world to have developed a mechanical-suction sweeper powered by methane gas. The D.zero2 is its first electric model and is designed for historic centers or confined spaces, such as the lanes of the Los Angeles bicycle lanes separated from the rest of the roadway.

Tighe Noonan In the words of Tighe Noonan, President and CEO of Dulevo International: "I am very proud not only of the results of 2017, but above all of the value and ability to make a team of our people. In our company everyone, with their own ideas and the spirit of initiative, helps to increase this culture oriented towards the excellence and innovation that is leading us towards important goals.

"In just 18 months from the first sharing of ideas we were able to realize and launch D.zero2, our first electric road sweeper, on the international market, which received a special mention for the innovative content of the project during the presentation at Ecomondo. The machine has been successfully accepted on the market and we foresee the development in 2018 of a new model of road sweeper with electric technology, able to guarantee maximum performance with minimal environmental impact."

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