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In late February of 2008, the EPA handed down a decision with regard to allowing the State of California to have a waiver allowing it to require a stricter level of vehicle emissions than other states. California's argument for the waiver was, in very simple terms, that a lower level of GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emissions were needed in order "to meet compelling and extraordinary conditions."

The EPA, in its finding (again quite simply) decided that, "the conditions related to global climate change in California are substantial, they are not sufficiently different from conditions in the nation as a whole to justify separate state standards."

In other words, since a high level of GreenHouse Gas emissions are occurring all over the country and the world, California is not entitled to separate standards regarding new vehicles because the problem is widespread, not "extraordinary" as pertains to just California.

For your convenience, we have placed the complete transcript of the EPA ruling here on the website. Although tough to wade through, if you're located in California you may want to go through it.

February, 2008

California Emissions Regulations Eliminate Some Sweepers

One of the California-based members of NAPSA offered the following information about auxiliary engine restrictions now occurring in that area.

In the following audio interview, which was taped at the Sweepers' Roundtable at the 2008 National Pavement Exposition, one of the attendees discusses what is now occurring to restrict auxiliary engine use in California. Since that state often is the vanguard of regulations that move to other areas, it's a warning that was received with great concern by those in attendance at this year's Sweepers' Roundtable at NPE 2008.

Toward the end, you will also hear an overview on current and future emissions' information provided by Brian Giles, of Elgin Sweepers. In addition, in April of 2008 we have additional coverage on the move by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to eliminate older chassis engines currently in use by vehicles 14,000 GVW and above by January 1, 2011.

Click here to go to that article (link opens in a new window), which in addition to background info includes audio interviews with Jay Wells, the lead sweeping contractor representing the industry; and with Erik White, the head of CARB's Diesel Engine Emissions Strategies Group. The article also includes the PDF version of a white paper submitted by Ranger Kidwell-Ross,'s editor, that uses data that shows an older broom sweeper appears to pick up a minimum of 500% more small micron particles than its engines emit in pollutant emissions.

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