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Internet Videos Involving Sweepers

Not surprisingly, sweepers show up around the world as the backdrop for a number of internet videos. Here are some we discovered, plus some links sent by readers. Disclaimer: We have not reviewed all of them all the way through...

We did look long enough to confirm they contain either a mechanized or human sweeper, though. Or, in one case, a mechanized robot taking care of someone littering in a parking lot. And we didn't include any promo videos by sweeper companies. If you find one or more offensive, please let us know and we'll consider removing it.

Sweeper Truck Sucks by Bo Dean

Michael Jackson the Roadsweeper

Hidden Camera Road Sweeper Humor Video

Hanging with the Sweeper, Part 2

Animation: Results of Throwing Out a Cigarette...

Vintage Action from the Tiny Tim the Street Sweeper Wind-up Tin Toy

$2500 Egyptian-Made Road Sweeper

Child's Review of Lego's Toy Sweeper #7242

Seattle Man Swept Up By Street Sweeper! (spoof)

Animated Cartoon of Man Sweeping the Street

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