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Ravo Sweeping Company Offers Game Entitled 'Sweeping Mania'

In this computer video game, which is available for both Mac and PC platforms, your goal is to clear the city of trash and earn as many points as possible by doing so.

Ravo Logo Ravo Sweepers, which is owned by the Fayat Group, is a well known producer of sweepers in the European marketplace. The company came up with the promotional idea of developing a computer action game that is a combination of sweeper driving and the usual rock-em/sock-em action of a video arcade game.

The Ravo Sweeping Mania game is controlled by keyboard arrow keys and function keys. Three levels of 'trash' are offered, each of which earn the player a different number of points when successfully cleaned up.

Also offered are items like a 'Brush Upgrade,' which provides a wider cleaning path for 30 seconds, and a 'Shovel Upgrade,' which gives the player the ability to keep their collected trash intact when hitting a wall or other obstacle.

There is also an 'Upgrade Shop,' which costs you game $$ but is a way to get one or more of the upgrades listed above on a random basis. The 'Paint Shop' also offers 11 different skins for your sweeper.

The game will be great fun for most anyone who has ever driven a sweeper. There is one caution to add, though: be sure your vehicle accident insurance is up to date before turning your sweeper operators loose on this game!

Use this link to transport to the game's download page.

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