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Futuristic Street Sweeper Makes Litter Cleanup Look Fun

Resembling a robotic anteater with two opposable snouts scoping the ground, it's a far cry from the comparatively clunky units that clean up our streets today.

by Gene Kosowan


Renderings are awesome. It's at the drawing board, whether it be physical or virtual, that those wanting to build a better – or even a more insane – vehicle can think outside the box and dream up some out-of-this-world designs that would look good on wheels or tracks.

That's how idea-oriented folks come up with an off-road Bugatti, a cyberpunk Ferrari destined for future Le Mans rallies, or even a hopelessly ugly Pontiac Aztec look super-presentable. Oddly enough, there isn't much evidence of a designer doing something interesting with the venerable street sweeper, until now.

A Clean Sweep Toward The Future

Resembling a robotic anteater with two opposable snouts scoping the ground, this utility vehicle dubbed the sweeper master is a far cry from the clunky units that remove debris from our streets. There's a relative angular sleekness to the look, with the cab resembling almost any aerial fighter unit seen in the Marvel movie franchise. The bulbous water tanks, as necessary as they might be for cleanup, do interrupt the flow of the design, though.

Still, give Bulgarian graphic artist Encho Enchev high marks for at least trying to modernize the sweeper. Currently based as a senior 3D artist at Ubisoft, he's been responsible for his work on the Tom Clancy video game series that includes The Division and Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. He's also contributed to the Assassin's Creed video game franchise, including its fourth and latest outing Black Flag.

Enchev has been working in the video game industry since 2010, a trade he stumbled onto after graduating from university with a degree in internal design. Using that discipline, his specialty is coming up with interiors and exteriors for the video games as part of an environmental design team.

In his downtime, Enchev has come up with a number of other startling designs, such as orbiting stations for possible consideration by SpaceX, a copper-colored Formula 1 concept car, an offroad behemoth inspired by the Batmobile, and even an Imperial fighter just in case the Star Wars saga could use more artillery.

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