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Fleet Washing and Stormwater Regulations

In today's environmental climate, washing your sweepers and other vehicles without the proper procedures can result in more than just a large fine.

by Jeff Taylor, National Sales Manager,
ESD Waste2Water, Inc.

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Jeff Taylor is National Sales Manager for the company many recognize as the worldwide leader in industrial wastewater and environmental remediation. The company provides solutions and services for addressing wastewater and related environmental issues.

In this 20-minute (approx. 20mb) .mp3 audio interview, Taylor discusses the emerging regulatory requirements for disposal of wastewater, such as from washing sweepers and other fleet vehicles. In the increasingly environmental climate of the 21st century, not only are the fines for non-compliance becoming stiffer. In addition, the results of polluting a business property through improper disposal of pollutants from washoff can result in forced remediation at a very high cost. The resultant press exposure from polluting can also become a public relations nightmare for those caught polluting.

Fortunately, proper disposal systems are both less expensive and easier to maintain than ever. However, there are some things to know prior to investing in a washoff system. Listen along as one of the wastewater disposal industry's top specialists discusses this topic in language that's easy to understand and, at the same time, provides information every person charged with wastewater disposal should know.

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You may reach Jeff Taylor by calling 563-663-0543. Jeff's email address is:

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