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Going Once, Going Twice -- Selling Used Fleet Assets For Top Dollar

Get the lowdown on how to increase your revenue stream by understanding the ins and outs of disposing of fleet assets via pre-purchase arrangements as well as conventional and online auctions.

by John McCorkhill, Jr, CFM, CAFM, CEM
Director of Fleet Services, City of Lynchburg,
Lynchburg, Virginia

City of Lynchburg Logo When it comes to purchase, utilization and disposal of fleet vehicles, John McCorkill is clearly a pro. Rather than settling for the 'bottom dollar' that many municipalities -- and contractors -- are known for when trading in used sweepers and other fleet vehicles, McCorkill outlines his techniques for getting his agency 'top dollar,' instead.

In this 12.5-minute (approx. 12mb) .mp3 audio interview, McCorkill discusses how to orient the RFP process when buying new sweepers so as to maximise options and trade-in possibilities at the end of a sweeper's (and other fleet vehicles) usable lifetime.

He also covers the use of the Internet as an auction resource to dispose of fleet vehicles online, including utilizing different forms of online auction services to sell used fleet assets. In addition, here is a link to the pdf version of McCorkill's Powerpoint presentation, which includes auction sites to list on and other factors to consider in the process of selling your used fleet vehicles.

Link to Audio

You may reach John McCorkill via calling 434-455-4429; his email address is

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