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CEKSAN Sweepers is Turkey's Leading Sweeper Manufacturer

by Serdar Durur with Ranger Kidwell-Ross

CEKSAN Logo Serdar Durur is the foreign trade representative of CEKSAN Sweepers. We asked him to tell us about CEKSAN, which is the largest manufacturer of sweepers in Turkey, and its sweeper line.

CEKSAN Sweeper

CEKSAN Sweepers is the biggest road sweeper vehicles' manufacturer in Turkey. This article will introduce our company to you. Our contact information is shown at the end of the article.

CEKSAN was established in 1989 in Izmir, Turkey. The company began by importing street cleaning machines from Europe. As the need for performance was higher in some countries, as compared to the roadways in Europe, the power of the machines imported was found to be insufficient.

After investigating the requirements and needs in a range of international environments, CEKSAN management decided the company should produce its own sweepers in order to be able to give the ultimate sweeping solutions to its Customers.

To drive at this goal, CEKSAN produced its first machine in 1997, a road sweeping machine called HMT. It was a mechanical sweeper that was towed by, and powered by, the tractor. After successful testing processes, the production of the HMT Series started in June of 1997. Today, there are more than 1000 HMT mechanical street sweeping machines produced and sold in both public and private sectors. They have been successful at cleaning the toughest roads in the local and global market.

Chassis logos In 2003 CEKSAN proudly introduced a truck-mounted line of air sweepers that can be mounted on many different trucks. Their hopper capacity varies from 3-cubic meters to 8-cubic meters, and they may be mounted onto any of the chassis seen to the right.

Vacuum Sweepers Photos of CEKSAN's vacuum sweeper models are shown to the right. To view a larger photo of any of these machines, or to review the specifications of any of the models, check out this link or click on the graphic.

CEKSAN has contributed to the worldwide sweeping machine industry with a variety of its own innovations, as well incorporated ideas from others around the world. The experienced engineering team has been working hard to develop new technologies to create more effective machines at lower costs.

At the same time, CEKSAN innovation has been on the leading edge in a variety of areas. Here are some of the central goals and approaches CEKSAN uses in its build process:

  • Power can be obtained with stronger engines; however, that is not the best process. In order to maximize the efficiency, the aim is to obtain the same power with the engine rotation working at low RPMs. CEKSAN machines are producing the ultimate power while keeping the engine rotation between 1000 – 2000 RPMs, thus not only the users are saving fuel but also the machines are making less noise.
  • Brushes are expenses; we maximize their life. CEKSAN machines are designed in order to maximize the life of the brushes. The operator can adjust the pressure applied on the floor by the side brushes. An acceleration handle has been put inside the cabin, so the operator may also adjust the speed of the auxiliary engine.
  • Dust is another concern. Not only the vacuumed air is being sprayed with water all the way but, at the exit of the air, there is a second system that filters the air.
  • Noise is a crucial aspect. All efforts have been made to produce silent machines that are able to sweep streets without disturbing anyone. All surfaces around the auxiliary engine are covered by special materials. All tests show that the noise has been decreased to minimum values like 65 decibels.
  • CEKSAN cools the oil with its onboard water supply. CEKSAN is the first and only company that produces the water tank and oil tank together, separately from all other parts in its truck-mounted street sweepers. Because the water tank is next to the oil tank, it serves as a cooler for the oil.

CEKSAN's Mission:

Being a world brand in road/street cleaning industry and be dedicated to reach the goals by being one of most environment-friendly companies in the country.

CEKSAN's Vision:

Working hard is not the only key to success. It is only one of them. The understanding of quality is not only about the product; it is also about understanding your customers and communicating with them.


Exceeding customer's expectations not only by producing the highest quality machines, but providing them with the best and fastest service as well.

Serdar Durur may be reached via email sent to: The CEKSAN Sweepers website is:

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