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Ranger Kidwell-Ross, our webmaster and Editor of, in 2007 went to Singapore to bring back news of how pavement sweeping is done in 'the city that is also a country.'

Thanks to Allianz/Madvac for Sponsoring the Power Sweeping Series on Singapore

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Moving Toward Environmental Sustainability

  • An overview of Singapore that showcases how far the environmental methods of this highly urban, industrialized island has come in a few short decades. Read the story.

Pavement Sweeping for Environmental Health

  • Singapore's sweeping program is overseen by the Environmental Health Department, which is a component of the country's National Environmental Agency. This choice of oversight agencies shows how seriously pavement cleaning in Singapore is taken. Read the story.

Contract Sweeping Keyed Toward Environmental Cleanliness

  • Tan King Bok is Vice President for Customer Relations Management and Government Liaison for SembEnviro, the contracting company that handles pavement cleaning as well as a variety of other, related tasks for two-thirds of Singapore. This first-person interview details how that is all accomplished. Read the story.
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