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Italy's TSM Offers Zero Emissions Electric and Autonomous Follow Sweepers

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

TSM, an acronym for Technological Systems by Moro, is a company located in the town of Fiume Veneto in the northeastern part of Italy about 30 minutes from Venice. This area of Italy has been producing industrial and urban cleaning machines for the last five generations.

TSM Sweepers

According to company representatives, TSM's current sweeper offerings are the result of a strong research and development effort in recognition that municipalities around the world are placing increasing emphasis on reducing pollution of the environment. This includes the reduction of pollutant material that ends up on the ground as a result of population density as well as the CO2 emissions by vehicles. That's why, they say, TSM has focused on imagining how to best develop the most possible 'green' future for the professional cleaning sector in which they market their sweepers.

A good example of this are TSM's Itala 135, Aria 240 and the "Follow Me" Ariamatic 240 models, which are discussed in this story. These are walk-behind pavement sweepers of the type that are very common throughout Europe and other areas of the world, but not in as widespread use in the United States.

The TSM organization boasts that operation of these all-electric models results in zero CO2 emissions. Not only does the engine not produce any CO2, but the machines boast filtering systems that filter and trap fine particles so they are not released into the air. Since they are all-electric, the only noise emitted from the machine is the sound of the brushes spinning on the ground. This allows operation at any time of the day or night and in very crowded areas. Free maintenance batteries on the machines offer 10-to-14 hours of use and the machines are also outfitted with an on-board charger.

TSM 135To go forward, the operator engages traction by pushing the handlebar lever forward. Speed is controlled by a setting on the console. Virtually all dust raised by the brushes, say company representatives, is sucked into the machine via its vacuum system, which filters it before releasing air back into the atmosphere. Debris is conveyed by a centrally-mounted, horizontal brush that then deposits it into the debris hopper.

Model 240 By contrast, though also an all-electric sweeper, TSM's Aria 240 is a vacuum machine equipped with a front-mounted wander hose that the operator uses to vacuum debris into a wheelie bin. The sweeper boasts forward-and-backward traction movement at a speed determined by the operator. It has a 30-liter water tank that feeds into a 'nebulizer' – a small fitting on the hose that emits a fine water spray designed to extinguish any cigarette butts that are still lit – and which also allows for a sanitizing agent, as well as one that can provide odor control to the wheelie bin.

Ariamatic 240

What I found to be the most interesting model in the TSM product line of small sweeper units is the company's Ariamatic 240, which claims to be the first urban vacuum that is "autonomously driven." The machine is equipped with an innovative FOLLOW ME system that enables the sweeper to follow the movements of the operator. For example, as the operator moves forward while cleaning the machine follows along at a precise distance behind. The system also detects obstacles, so doesn't run over people and other items in its way. This allows the operator to engage with the sole task of picking up debris with the wander hose without worrying about continuously moving the sweeper unit forward.

Follow Me SweeperIn total, the TSM product line appears to have a number of features worth showcasing to the worldwide sweeping industry. TSM's product literature indicates the company currently sells its products in approximately 60 countries; however, the machines are not currently sold in the United States.

If any of our readers have interest in becoming a distributor they are invited to contact TSM representative, Ilaria Attolico at the email address shown below. You may also want to take a look at TSM's product line brochure, which is in PDF format. You will find it located here.

TSM Logo

TSM – Technological Systems by Moro Srl
Via F.lli Zambon, 9 – 33080 Fiume Veneto (PN) – Italy

Contact Person: Ilaria Attolico
Telephone: +39.0434.564167 • Fax: +39.0434.954069
Web: • E-mail: marketing@
LinkedIn: TSM – Technological Systems by Moro, Srl • Youtube: tsmitaly

If you have questions or comments about TSM or any of the information appearing in this article, feel free to contact us at

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