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Italian Municipality Restores Mobil 2TE3

by Giovanni Fossa' with Ranger Kidwell-Ross

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May 2014 marked the one-year anniversary of the opening of Italy's "Historic garage of the municipal warehouses of Montecchio Maggiore" ("Garage storico Magazzini comunali di Montecchio Maggiore"). The garage is a museum that contains restored vehicles and work tools most used by the municipality in the last four decades.

In 2017 WorldSweeper provided an updated article about the advances the museum has made since it began, including its own website and YouTube channel.

Editor's Note:About two years ago the WorldSweeper office was contacted from Italy by Giovanni Fossa'. He was representing the projected 'garage museum' his municipality of Montecchio Maggiore was creating and one of the items they were restoring for the project was a Mobil 2TE3. However, they needed help finding out info on the sweeper, including, ideally, an owner's manual and restoration details.

We put Fossa' in contact with David Dubbioso, proprietor of Tri-State Industrial Maintenance. Dubbioso is, as far as we know, the top refurbisher of Mobils in the U.S. Here's an update from Giovanni Fossa' on how well the project turned out for the municipality after a little help from the city's new U.S.-based friends.

Mobil Restored

The completed garage/museum accomodates 6 vehicles, among which is the road sweeper MOBIL "2TE3": On the occasion of visits the Mobil sweeper is always the most appreciated! The garage is regularly visited by local schools for educational purposes as well as by citizens and lovers of historical vehicles.

Here's an excerpt from the presentation brochure for the project:
"The Historic Garage of the municipal warehouses of Montecchio Maggiore originates with the objective of preserving the vehicles, equipment and work tools most utilized by the municipality in the last 40 years.

This represents a proper recognition, not only of the equipment but also of the personnel that has been employed in the municipality in the last years.

[The project commemorates] "vehicles and people who, with their daily work on the territory, asphalting a road or repairing the heating plant, of a school, have become familiar symbols for the citizen of Montecchio Maggiore.

[The project is] "A remembrance to conserve and cultivate in time, that also plays a education role, in particular for those young students, who visiting the Garage, together with the modern municipal warehouses, are able to learn how the activities of the Municipality took place comparing them with the procedures and equipment available today."

We owe thanks to the help of the editor of, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. He heard about what we intended to do and then put us into contact with David Dubbioso, owner of Tri-State Equipment Rebuilding, one of the United States largest renovators of Mobil sweepers. Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to explain the details of the sweeper and the history of Mobil sweeper. We have even created a special panel inside the garage that provides more information about the sweeper.

Museum LocationIf you find yourself near the town of Montecchio Maggiore, use this link to open a scalable map that shows where the Museum is located in the city.

To view a variety of pictures of the restoration of the Mobil sweeper, as well as of the Garage itself and the inauguration ceremony, click here.

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