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Unique 'Double Main Broom' Concept Designed in Germany, Licensed to China

by Villiam Abbondanza and Ranger Kidwell-Ross

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Spazzola RearviewSweeper manufacturers in the Asia region are intentionally using some less sophisticated mechanical and regenerative air sweepers, ones that differ significantly in design to the American and European sweepers.

For example, China and Taiwan have both adapted the mechanical sweeper design of using two main brooms mounted vertically at the back of the hopper to carry debris into hopper.

This design is seen as being less complicated and more cost-effective than the mechanical conveyor belt and broom setup more well known in the U.S. and Europe.

Drawing This particular type of sweeper, which conveys debris via opposing movement of twin main brooms, is a type of technology that was invented in Germany by a company called Saku and then sold to China. Saku has since been absorbed by the giant machinery conglomerate, Faun. Prior to that, Saku sold the technology to Chinese manufacturer, Sweeper Ace Group.

The unique manner of waste collection is carried out by two brushes, stacked vertically, as may be seen from the drawing. The combined action of the two brooms empties the waste load into the collection hopper. The advantage seen to this type of solution is that it is less expensive than conveyor belt systems, both in terms of initial production costs and in long-run maintenance expense.

Below are some photos of the Sweeper Ace Group's mechanical broom machines with the unique double pickup brush systems. If you'd like to find out more, here's a link to the page at Sweeper Ace Group that explains in English more about how these sweepers work.

Sweeper on Display

Sweeper on Display Sweeper on Display

About the authors:
Villiam Abbondanza is an Italian sweeper expert who provided the nucleus information for this story. Abbondanza has written a variety of information about the European and Asian sweeping industry and is the proprietor of the website. You may reach him via email sent to

Ranger Kidwell-Ross is a graduate economist, the owner/editor of the WorldSweeper website, and the world's most prolific author on the topic of power sweeping. You may reach him via the WorldSweeper contact form.

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