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Ranger Kidwell-Ross Wins Alan Curtis Award, Installed Into U.S. Pavement Hall of Fame

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February 2018

Alan Curtis Award

Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor of and Executive Director of the World Sweeping Association, was honored at the National Pavement Exposition with the Alan Curtis Industry Service Award.

It is with extreme pleasure that we announce that our editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, has been honored with what is arguably the highest award in the United States pavement industry. The award is named after Alan Curtis, who was a central leader in the U.S. pavement industry and died in 2013 at the age of 66. Each year the winner of the award is also automatically installed into the U.S. Pavement Hall of Fame.

An inaugural member of the Pavement Advisory Board in 1992, Alan Curtis (1947-2013) was an encouraging and educational force within the paving and pavement maintenance industry, providing guidance to Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine as well as lending his expertise and support to National Pavement Expo and National Pavement Expo West.

A strong supporter of the private contractor, an advocate for property owners and a firm believer in providing technical education to all aspects of the industry, Alan encouraged a discussion of the proper "best practice" techniques to help contractors better construct and maintain pavements. Our own Ranger Kidwell-Ross is just the 4th person chosen to receive the honor that celebrates the many contributions to the industry made by Alan Curtis.

The Alan Curtis Industry Service Award announcement included photos of Ranger in eight of the 19 countries he has traveled to while representing the power sweeping industry.

Award Sign Closeup

When it comes to the power sweeping segment of the pavement industry, Ranger has secured his place as the most visible advocate for the environmental and other aspects of sweeping in the U.S. and around the world. Since he entered the industry in 1987 he has become the leading author in the world on the topic of pavement sweeping. In addition to his extensive work in the United States Ranger has traveled to 19 other countries to learn more about the industry in those places, as well as to exchange best practice ideas and methodology. His travelogue during one of these, "Sweeping Around the World – Europe," was the recipient of a very rare APEX Award for Publication Excellence Grand Award. As of 2018, the website offered well over 5,000 files and photos on the topic of pavement sweeping.

In 2013, he also founded the World Sweeping Association in order to assist sweeping contractors in becoming more professional and efficient. Today, WSA has become America's fastest-growing power sweeping association. The following is the presentation wording used at the 2018 National Pavement Exposition when Ranger was announced as the winner of the 2018 Alan Curtis Industry Service Award:

Ranger with Award "One of the industry's most-knowledgable advocates for power sweeping, Ranger Kidwell-Ross has been a visible and impactful presence in the sweeping industry since 1987. He became the driving force and editor/writer behind the Schwarze SuperVac newsletter and founded American Sweeper magazine; he is the author of the "Fundamentals of Power Sweeping" book; founder of; and, founder and executive director of World Sweeping Association.

Over the last 25 years his publications and website have received 26 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. In addition to supporting sweeping contractors, Ranger is a strong and vocal supporter of sweeping to improve water quality and works to educate municipalities of the value of regular sweeping as a pollution control "best practice."

Please congratulate Ranger Kidwell-Ross, the 2018 recipient of the Alan Curtis Industry Service award and new member of the Pavement Hall of Fame.

You may reach Ranger Kidwell-Ross via email sent to

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