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The start of the year is always a good time to pause for reflection; to recall the successes of what has gone before and to plan for improvement in the coming year. With that intent, I'm writing to recap the year 2007 from my perspective as Editor of I also want to inform you about my aspirations for the power sweeping industry as we move into 2008.

This past year support from the power sweeping vendor and contracting community was responsible for financing the production of over 80 articles targeted to power sweeping. To my knowledge, this is more sweeping-related information than is produced in any other venue worldwide. In addition, my periodic Editor's Notebook blog entries kept people up-to-date on the latest breaking industry news.

Our sweeping stories covered a wide spectrum of both interests and geographical areas. These were as far-ranging as coverage about how sweeping is done in parts of Norway, Singapore and Thailand. Other stories offered information not available anywhere else that came from such U.S. cities as Dana Point and Los Angeles, California. We also archived the very commendable 'State of the Practice' effort undertaken by those involved with street sweeping in Minnesota.

Other major issues covered included the latest info on sweeping as a BMP in stormwater runoff regs, current best practices in fleet washing, performance tracking, sweeper maintenance issues, fleet vehicle maximization, work zone safety BMPs, getting the most money from your used sweeper fleet, and much more.

On the topic of employees, which is one of the real 'hot-button' issues throughout the industry, we provided expert information -- in some cases designed for both public and private sweeping teams -- about interviewing, best practices for reducing turnover and figuring compensation, the retention benefits of flexible hours, and the rules to follow when firing, as well as articles on how to best handle a variety of other employee situations.

In 2007, spearheaded the first-ever Ethics Statement and Program for power sweeping contractors, which has now been adopted by NAPSA. Increased industry visibility was gained through the two articles I wrote for Better Roads magazine. One of these catalogued current best practices for street sweeping and the second did the same for construction sweeping.

I was also one of the leaders, along with Pacific Water Resources President, Roger Sutherland, in developing the testing and maneuverability protocols for a sweeper test by Washington, DC's Department of Public Works. And, slightly off-topic, I'm very proud of the award-winning book I wrote in 2007 called 'The Rise of Biodiesel.'

All in all, has consolidated its leadership role as the foremost information source in the world power sweeping industry. I believe an objective analysis will show that our articles, to date, have offered much more industry-specific targeting and depth than the printed publication that targets the U.S. sweeping industry.

I want to especially thank those companies who are supporting through banner advertising programs they have with us. In 2007 these included Allianz/Madvac, Elgin, TYMCO, Applied Sweepers, Victory Sweepers, Pavement Maintenance Insurance Agency, Center Capital, Keystone Plastics, Sweeper Parts Online, Bids-A-Lot, and SweeperMarket magazine. It is the higher level of involvement by these companies that has kept operational to date.

However, it is clear that power sweeping is being significantly under-utilized as a first-step defense against stormwater runoff pollution. The fact is, municipal and government agencies throughout the U.S. and the world vitally need to be better informed about the environmental value of current sweeping equipment and techniques.

This marks my 20th year of involvement with the power sweeping industry. I have authored more articles on power sweeping than any other person in the history of the industry. Plus,, is completely independent from any particular sweeper manufacturers or suppliers. Couldn't you make better decisions about your next sweeper purchase by utilizing my two decades of power sweeping knowledge?

In my experience to date, most sweeping departments and stormwater managers are, for the most part, unaware of what types of sweepers will give them the best environmental and overall 'bang' for their expenditure. To date, when we have provided information to agency managers it has resulted in an increased awareness about, and use of, their various types of sweepers throughout their jurisdiction. Some changes our advice can bring is a different frequency of sweeps, redeployment of sweeping routes, modified emphasis on moving parked cars prior to sweeping, different mix of sweeper types and more.

Sweepers represent a large capital expenditure. Isn't it time to get a better handle on the sweeper mix that would be right for your municipality or other organization? You'll find that we won't recommend a particular brand of sweeper. Rather, we will assist you in determining for yourself what make and model of sweeper is best suited to the needs of your organization.

You will find that's consulting services are a very cost-effective way to help you decide on what type of sweepers are best for your particular situation. Our services range from information provided via literature review to development of complete testing protocols, including performance assessments, relative sweeper mix recommendations, competitive analyses, maneuverability testing and more. We can also offer ideas about when it's time to trade in vehicles in your current fleet, as well how to get more life out of the sweepers you have now.

For more information about what the resource team at can provide, please give my assistant, Regina, a toll-free call today, at 866-635-2205. Or, if you'd rather, send us an email telling us your interest. We look forward to assisting in any way we can.

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Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Editor

PS May 2008 bring health and success to both your personal and business life.