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Well Made Manufacturing: Making a New Kind of Parking Area Sweeper

  • The goal of Wells Ledger, president of Well Made Manufacturing, a new parking area sweeper manufacturer, is to build a sweeper that's low on maintenance. However, says Ledger, we'll also be using as many off-the-shelf parts as possible, to allow our customers to source many replacement parts at low cost locally.

    The new sweeper, called the 'Twister Alley F1,' is a twin-engine sweeper mounted onto a Dodge ProMaster chassis and offers a 2.9 cubic yard hopper. The company is also selling its sweepers with a five-year "curb brooms for life" program. Read the story.

Johnston Sweepers, Ltd. Establishes a Foothold in the USA

  • An overview of the worldwide leader in road sweeper manufacturing, Johnston Sweepers, Ltd. In addition to a synopsis of the company spanning its start in 1904 to the present, we offer a 2012 interview with Bill Ackendorf, the acting general manager of the US affiliate, Johnston North America. Read the story.

Inventor of the miniBRUTE SWEEPER Targets Contractor Cost of Operation

  • Mike Primeaux has been a sweeping and landscaping contractor for over a decade. Unlike most contractors, though, for much of that time Primeaux has been using a sweeper of his own design. Because of the cost of purchase and operation of sweepers in the marketplace, Primeaux began designing his own number of years ago. Now, after a successful year-and-a-half of testing his current model, he decided he was ready to make his sweeper available for others to use. Read the story.

Profile on Mohawk's 'Labor Saver Dirt Shoe'

  • If you've owned even one mechanical broom sweeper, chances are you or your operator has run over some type of raised object and bent one of the skids on which the main broom rides. Second generation sweeping contractor, Charlie Ostuni, has developed a product that he says totally eliminates that costly problem. Read the story.

Stewart-Amos Sweeper Co.

  • In 1938, Al Amos founded what is today called the Stewart-Amos Company, maker of the Starfire line of mechanical broom sweepers. Initially, the firm was a distributor of mineral processing and aggregate production equipment for the limestone quarries located in Pennsylvania. Read the story.

Victory Sweepers, Inc.

  • Mark Schwarze heads up Victory Sweepers, Inc. The company's innovative designs, along with the Schwarze family's long-standing reputation for providing superior customer support, adds up to create what may well be the fastest-growing sweeper manufacturer in industry history. Read the story.

Superior Service & Supply

  • Here's a profile of one of the industry's major suppliers of indoor sweeper brooms and brushes, as well as trash can liners, street brooms, etc. Tim Hartman is principal with North Carolina-based Superior Service & Supply. Read the story.

Elgin Sweepers are a World Wide Force

  • Here's an overview of how the Elgin Sweeper Company got its start, as well as information about some of the sweepers in the company's product line. Read the story.
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