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Providence, Rhode Island 02903 United States


Sweepro is a 'Do It All' Company Offering Over 25 Years of Quality Service


Since 1987, Sweepro has swept pretty much any surface that could be swept. This has included the interior hull of large marine ships docked in Providence, as well as airports, roadways, garages, bike paths and parking lots.


We routinely sweep all of the following types of parking areas:

  • shopping centers
  • retail malls
  • HOAs
  • housing districts
  • churches
  • industrial lots
  • medical buildings
  • apartments


Our heavy duty sweeper fleet offers sweeping for:

  • JOHNSTON 3000construction sites
  • street sweeping
  • highway sweeping
  • milling operations

Let our experienced construction and municipal sweeping team provide you with the best in roadway, construction and milling support sweeping services. We will be there on time, with well-equipped and maintained sweepers and our operators will know how to do the job right.


In addition, Sweepro provides complete exterior maintenance and CAM services, including all of the following:

  • Landscapingpressure washing
  • graffiti removal
  • general exterior maintenance
  • line striping
  • pavement repair
  • signage upkeep and installation
  • landscaping services
  • tenant cleanouts
  • tenant walkthroughs
  • emergency boardups
  • In-person communication with tenants for out-of-area property managers
  • snow removal and abatement


Pennoyer SnowplowWhen you want a full-service sweeping, snow removal and maintenance contractor in the Greater Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts, area or throughout Rhode Island, contact the seasoned professionals at Sweepro.

Let us show you how well these types of jobs can be done!


Contact Person: Todd Pennoyer
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