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See Ray Confer's Special Brand of Customer Service

At the time the video below was taken in December of 2019, Ray Confer had been in the sweeping industry for about 40 years. His C&J Parking Lot Sweeping company has long been the unquestioned leader in his Greater Detroit market area and, when you see this video, you'll have an idea of why that might be the case.

The video shows only one small aspect of the overall customer service / branding program of Ray's company. However, it's one that, Ray says, has paid a lot of benefits to C&J through the years. Via his year-end deliveries, Ray is able to:

  • Gain name recognition
  • Remind that C&J does much more than sweep
  • Gets to see a member of the client management team in a 'win/win' way
  • Builds significant goodwill for his company with the entire client employee group

Take a look at the @3-minute video to see for yourself.

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