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Provide Holiday and Weather-Related Safety Alerts for Your Operators

Company president says they help keep their operators safe by putting safety notices on their route clipboards for holidays when the drivers are most at risk.

Submitted by David Ross, president of Millennium Maintenance And Power Sweeping:

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As I write this it's snowing in Boston, with more snow expected for tomorrow night. Attached is a Millennium Safety Notice. We use these notices when there is unusually inclement weather, as well as on holidays like New Year's Eve, July 4th, Halloween, etc. – anytime there may be a potential for concern of drunk drivers or when weather conditions could be a factor.

Our notices are printed on a full page of paper, which we put onto the top of the clipboard with the nightly route sheets. In addition, we have a brief safety huddle before the drivers start their routes. We ask the drivers to keep the safety notice on top of the clipboard all night, so that anytime they have to look at their route sheets they are reminded of the hazardous conditions.

The operator feedback on this program has been very positive. Running a safe company is our number one priority, and we feel there is no question that this program helps us to enhance the safety of our operators.

Editor's Note: You will see below a PDF version of an example notice for inclement weather, which Millennium sent to us. It is suitable for printing out and using directly. To access the PDF file, click here. You may also access another PDF showing an example form used for Halloween night routes by clicking here.

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