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Vendor and Other Information from the National Pavement Exposition 2008

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

All of the following information is from the 2008 National Pavement Exposition, one of the top national tradeshows for the U.S. power sweeping community. The audio and video interviews are all hosted on host servers, so no files will download to your computer.

Over the years, a number of contractors have said they wished they could see what's going on at NPE, or listen to interviews rather than read them on their computer screen. Now, technology has finally advanced to the point where that's possible.

Winner of's Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping for 2008
In 2008, the Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping was awarded to Davidson-Macri, Inc., a 15-year old contracting company from the Greater Seattle area. Davidson-Macri also is the publisher of SweeperMarket magazine. Read all about it.

You may also click on the YouTube-hosted video, below, to view the presentation ceremony.

Spotlight on Sovereign Bank
Michelle Halada is an account manager for Sovereign Bank. She discusses her finance company.

Spotlight on Scorpion Sweepers
Glenn Russell is president of Scorpion Sweepers. He provides an overview of the Scorpion parking area sweeper.

Spotlight on North American Power Sweeping Association
Dale McCaskill, president of NAPSA, discusses the many benefits of membership in the organization.

Spotlight on Stewart-Amos Sweeping Company
Interview with Mark Stratton, product engineer with Stewart-Amos Sweeping Company about the company's mechanical broom sweeper.

Spotlight on Stearns Bank
This interview is with Lisa Luedtke, an account manager with Stearns Bank Leasing. Stearns is a major player in the sweeper and other equipment leasing marketplace.

Spotlight on the Poletector 360 Light Base Enhancement System
Pete Columbo and well-known sweeping contractor, Gabriel Vitale, discuss the latest in light pole and bollard enhancement and protection.

Spotlight on Challenger Sweepers
Peter Harris, California dealer for Challenger Sweepers, provides an overview of the Challenger Sweeper.

Spotlight on Elgin's New Nissan Chassis
Brian Giles, Sweeper Products Manager for Elgin Sweepers, talks about the new Nissan chassis Elgin is making available to the sweeping industry.

Spotlight on Wayne Engineering's New Gladiator Broom Sweeper
An interview with Jill Even, representative of Wayne Engineering, maker of the new Gladiator mechanical broom sweeper.

Spotlight on Happy Feet of Franklin
An interview with Angie, representative of Happy Feet, maker of a very comfortable glycerin insole ideal for those on their feet all day.

Spotlight on Clean Streets' National Insurance Program for Contractors
An interview with Scott Cerosky, of the Clean Streets Insurance Program

Spotlight on TYMCO Sweepers
An interview with Tom Rokas and Jeff O'Malley of The Young Manufacturing Group, better known to the sweeping industry as 'TYMCO.'

Spotlight on Victory Sweepers, Inc.
Brad Staley, account representative with Victory Sweepers, Inc., provides a video overview of his company's Mark II parking area sweeper.

Keep Checking Back: More interviews will be added in the days ahead.

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