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Elgin Sweeper Soliciting Votes for Retro Sweeper Choices

Elgin, IL – April 1, 2016

In 2017, Elgin Sweeper will begin offering a retro version of its Pelican sweeper in either the vintage Street King or White Wing configuration. Your vote can help decide which one it will be!

Elgin White Wing

Elgin Sweeper, America's largest sweeper company, has long been known for its innovative designs. Two of the company's early models, the Elgin White Wing (seen above) and the Elgin Street King, are considered the most classic body styles by many of those who have followed the history of the sweeping industry over time. These mechanical broom sweeper models, the first of which was introduced in the 1930s, are the precursor to today's Elgin Pelican sweeper.

"We are always looking for ways to cater to our Elgin Sweeper customer base" said James Crockett, sweeper products manager at Elgin Sweeper. "We have heard many long-time Elgin users reminisce about both the White Wing and Street King body styles.

"There's no question that, in their time, the White Wing and Street King were the premier sweeper styles in America. So, with the 'retro craze' that has become popular in so many other industries, from baseball uniforms to selected car bodies, we have decided to remanufacture one of these body styles as a 'retro Pelican' sweeper. Now, it's up to the sweeping industry which one we should build."

Which body style should Elgin build?

Street Kings
White Wings

Since both Elgin's White Wing and Street King have their individual fan base, the company has decided to make available the Pelican body style chosen by the majority of its user base over the next three months. The WorldSweeper organization will manage the electronic, online voting tabulation. Starting today, you can vote for your favorite sweeper, using the link at the bottom of this email. Later this month, a voting link will also be made available at the Elgin Sweeper website, Voting begins today and will end on July 1st of this year.

"Our Street King models were made with and without an enclosed cab," Crockett said. "The no-cab model has been cited by some as the most retro sweeper ever. So, if the Street King is chosen it will be made available in configurations with and without an enclosed cab."

Accelerated introduction

The contest was originally intended to be announced by Elgin next month. However, in consideration of the overwhelming response to WorldSweeper's recent article about the Elgin Street King aficionado, McKinley Page, which appeared in the March issue of the WorldSweeper e-Newsletter, the company decided to fast-forward the introduction of the contest. In addition to tabulating the votes, the WorldSweeper organization will provide an ongoing tally of votes at its website, which will also appear on the Elgin website. Please, only one vote per person. However, all employees at an organization are eligible to cast a vote.

Vote Street King Vote White Wing

If you have questions about the planned retro refit program for selected Elgin Pelican models, or any other design aspect of Elgin Sweepers, please call James Crockett at (847) 741-5370 ext. 7081. You may also reach him via email sent to

Elgin Sweeper offers the latest sweeping technologies – mechanical, pure vacuum, regenerative air, alternative fuel and waterless dust control – to municipalities, contractors and industries. Elgin Sweeper is committed to taking advantage of leading technologies to provide exceptional sweeper performance while reducing the overall negative impact of air and water pollution to the environment. With more than 100 dealer locations around the world, the company's dealer partner professionals provide unmatched customer service and expertise.
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