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Collect Waste, Clean Streets and Plow Snow
All With the Same Multiple Use Vehicle!

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Chicago, IL – April 1, 2014

New purpose-built combination machine offers sweeping, garbage collection and snow plowing.

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Markiewicz Industrial is proud to introduce the Spectra 3, the first three-way municipal vehicle that can operate in three separate modes: sweeper, garbage collection vehicle and snow plow vehicle.

Sweeper Mode As a sweeper, the Spectra 3 is an air sweeper that offers a 2.2 cubic inch volumetric hopper and an optional 27" curb broom. The system includes a unique internal debris shaker that's matched with a 24" chain-driven conveyor system. This patent-pending system balances the load while also auto-separating lighter litter from heavier sand, dirt, etc.

The heavier debris is deposited in the portion of the containment hopper located directly behind the cab. Lighter pieces of litter, like cans, cups and bags, are conveyed into the back, secondary hopper section. This offers a high degree of stability to the entire vehicle up to full loading capacity. Offloading is quick and easy via the Spectra 3's twin-cylinder, high-dumping offload system.

Garbage Mode As a garbage truck the Spectra 3's sweeper dump system operates as a garbage bin lifter. Standard litter bins are raised overhead, emptying into the top of the containment hopper. An optional spray cleaner apparatus uses the dust suppression system of the sweeper to wash out the garbage bin. Cleaning water is recycled through a unique 3-cartridge filtration array with settling area.

Plow Mode For snow plowing, few modifications are required on the vehicle. The Spectra 3 offers a proprietary, pin-install plow system that allows one person to attach and remove the non-stick coated plow blade in under 15 minutes and the machine offers a full 82-inch plowing path.

If needed for traction, the front portion of the all-wheel-drive Spectra 3's containment area may be filled with sandbags or other heavy items. The watertight rear hopper section of the Spectra 3 may be filled with most types of liquid de-icing products. The sweeper's dust containment system pumps are utilized to dispense the de-icer.

Michal Markiewicz, the company's founder and president, says of the Spectra 3: "This machine is a way to save a ton of money and space in a city. With a sweeper that also may be used as a garbage truck, the city has a multi-function vehicle that may be utilized as most needed. Plus, in the winter the Spectra 3 doesn't need to stay parked, like most sweepers.

"Rather, because of its unique design and all-wheel-drive configuration, it works very well as a snow plow vehicle. We are proud to offer what, to our knowledge, is the first-ever multifunctional city sweeper/garbage collection vehicle. That the Spectra 3 may also be used as a snow plow makes it that much more cost-effective for any municipality or contractor to purchase."

For more information, we invite you to download the specifications information about the Spectra 3 as a PDF file. Alternatively, you may visit the company's website.