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At Mohawk, we have operated and repaired sweepers for over two decades. Through the years, we have countless times had the problem of our operators bending skid shoes. We have also repaired many bent shoes on customer machines. That's exactly why we designed the LABOR SAVER Dirt Shoe.

Now you can replace your existing, easy-to-bend skid shoe with an easy-to-install bracket system designed for your particular sweeper make and model. It is designed to use Tuff-Strip broom segments to replace the old-style skid shoe. Once installed, you've seen the end of bent shoes and the expensive trouble and time they cost.

After you take a look at the accompanying videos embedded below, give us a call for complete details and pricing for your makes and models of sweepers.

This video shows the amazing versatility provided by the Labor Saver DIRT SHOE.

See it in action as we take the sweeper forward and backwards over manhole covers and even a curb!

This video was taken by's editor, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, at the American Public Works Association Congress and Exposition

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Mohawk Equipment, Inc. operates one of the largest repair centers for Mobile sweepers in America. We also typically have at least a dozen refurbished used Mobile sweepers for sale at any given time. If you are looking for a good quality Mobile sweeper that's ready to go to work for you, give us a call for current and upcoming availability!