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We are proud to announce that ROOTS MULTI CLEAN, Inc., a Delaware Corporation, has acquired the product lines, product designs and operating assets of the Victory Sweepers Team.

Victory’s strong product line, coupled with Roots’ significant financial strength and manufacturing expertise, will allow us to serve you better.

We now have stock sweepers built and ready for purchase, as well as a large selection of parts available for immediate shipment, same day when possible. We are currently involved in a site selection process to purchase land and build a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Detailed plans will be announced soon. In the interim we have secured temporary facilities that will accommodate the significant growth we anticipate in the coming year.

Current Victory Sweeper's products include both twin-engine and single-engine parking area sweepers, as well as a tow-behind sweeper. We invite you to check these out, below.

The Victory Liberator


  • 25 hp air-cooled Kohler auxiliary engine powered
  • Center suction
  • Twin pressure blast tubes for clean surface recirculating air flow
  • Unique through-fan grind/compaction makes the 1.7 cubic yard hopper hold more than other vacuum sweepers
  • 72-inch high dump
  • Simple outside controls
  • LEGALLY mounts in most 1/2 ton chassis beds WITHOUT BED REMOVAL!!
  • Fuel efficient, V-6 chassis motors only available in this weight chassis
  • FUEL SIPPING! LOW COST! Dependably SIMPLE Parking LOT performance!

The Victory Mark II

Bob Warner, of Professional Sweeping Contractors from Monticello, Indiana says about his Mark II sweepers: "We have several of the Mark IIs, and have equipped them with double brooms... I have been very pleased with their operation. They come with stainless steel hoppers and with Caterpillar engines, which are extremely reliable. The stainless steel hoppers maintain their appearance, and since we're in the cleaning business they have a lot to do with how we sell our next job, not just with how it helps with the maintenance of the vehicle."

Want to know more? Here's a link to the audio of what Bob and others say about their Victory-made sweepers.

Victory CXG Brings Down the Cost of Parking Area Sweeping!

CXG Dumping

The Victory CXG offers a great blend of twin-engine sweeping power and low cost of operation.

Mounting on either a Chevrolet C2500HD or Ford F250 assures dependability and the CXG's powder coated steel (or optional stainless steel) construction, Kohler 25 hp auxiliary engine and Victory design offer unparalleled parking area sweeping.

The CXG's 2.7 cubic yard hopper is plenty for most any parking area sweeping applications. Its high-dumping offload system means you can dump into virtually any container with the push of a button, ideal for emptying the hopper into customer dumpsters.

The Victory T600 Tow-Behind: America's Leading Low Cost Sweeper Gets Even Better!

If you want to get an understanding of the amazing array of material the Victory T600 tow-behind sweeper can handle, just watch the T500/T600 video. It may well be the best seven minute investment of time you ever make. Here's the link.

You'll find that the T600 is equally efficient with the more typical types of debris found in parking lots. A number of sweeping contractors have found the T600 is a versatile construction site sweeper, as well.

We also offer the E600 all-electric model for noise-sensitive areas and complete environmental friendliness.

For more information, go to our website,

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