We Have the Replacement Brooms You Need!

ONEsweep™ street sweeping brooms are made with all our resources focused on the product.  We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to our customers.  Our products include tried and true brush technology applied in a different way than other manufacturers for improved sweeping performance.

Benefit From Our 35+ Years of Industry Experience!

The ONEsweep Team is composed of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge of the power sweeping industry. Whether you are a sweeping contractor with one sweeper or a large municipality that wants to lower its costs with no loss in quality, we have the broom replacements you need.

20160914_102942ONEsweep's Mechanical Broom Strip Brooms

The ONEsweep™ aftermarket strip broom exceeds original perfomance thanks to its tufted construction.  Where the original broom is like sweeping with paddles, a tufted broom allows air to vent through the bristles, preventing an air cushion from building up in front of the broom.  

This allows your sweeper to pick up lightweight items like cups and leaves without blowing them forward.  Instead, they get swept onto the conveyor belt and carried into the hopper.  Tufted construction also allows us to sell this broom at a more economical price – often 30-40% less than your current refills.  Contact us with your sweeper model today and we’ll get you set up.

ONEsweep's Curb/Gutter Brooms

ONEsweep™ GB1 and GB2 Gutter BroomsONEsweep™ Gutter Brooms are available in several different styles to fit the majority of sweepers in use.  All gutter brooms are filled by weight to a typical 17 wires per hole.  19 and 21-wire brooms may be available with limited inventory.

Here are some of the gutter broom blocks we standardly carry:

GB1 Elgin Block
(4/5 segment)

Elgin Pelican (4)
Elgin Crosswind (some) (4)
Elgin Eagle (5)
Elgin Broom Bear (5)
Elgin Eagle (5)
Elgin Road Wizard (5)
Schwarze A4000 (4)
Schwarze A7000 (5)
Schwarze A8000 (5)
Schwarze A9000 (5)
Schwarze M5000 (5)
Schwarze M6000 (5)
Tennant Centurion (5)
Tymco 435 (4)

and others
GB2 Elgin/Johnston Block
(all 2-segment)

Elgin Whirlwind (including MV)
Elgin Crosswind (most)
Elgin GeoVac
Johnston VT650
Johnston VT651
Night Hawk
Schwarze 333

and others
GB3 Mobil Block
(all 4-segment)

Athey Mobil
Tymco 600

and others
GB4 Wayne Block
(all 4-segment)

Global M3
Global M4
Johnston 3000
Johnston 4000
Allianz MS 350
Allianz MT 350

and others

If your machine is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out. Check us out at or, even better, just give us a call at 920 349-7263. We'll be glad to help you in any way we can!



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