TW Hall

TW Hall

Services provided during the winter include snow plowing/removal and sanding parking lots. During the spring we clean up the dirt, sand, and other rock left behind after the snow has melted. We also have the capabilities to clean out parking lot drains, providing a cleaner storm water runoff into our streams.

Ditch cleaning and parking lot painting is also available. Our summer work is directed toward daily parking lot maintenance including nightly sweeping of our local box stores and malls. We also provide grading, resurfacing and repairs to gravel driveways and roads. Newly added has been our infrared pothole repair unit. You have to see our infrared machine work !It provides a seamless repair to potholes in blackto, something Juneau has needed for a long time.

Call (907) 789-3725 to talk to one of our professional estimators. You'll be glad you did!

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