Centroplex Sweeping

Centroplex Sweeping

We offer Centroplex Sweeping has over 20 years of experience providing sweeping and a wide variety of related services.

We offer both air and broom sweeping, and have sweepers low enough to handle most any parking garage. In addition to routine parking area sweeping and emergency sweeping. We also handle event cleanup, construction cleanup and any other type of sweeping need you might have.

In addition, we're the only phone call you need to make for lawn maintenance, pressure washing, large item removal, tenant cleanout and much more. Just let us know how we can help! We're proud to be a NAPSA member and a subscriber to WorldSweeper.com's ethics program.

In March of 2011 we were chosen as WorldSweeper.com's Contractor of the Month. This was due to our company management techniques, which include a wide variety of volunteer work within our local and regional communities.

The article, which was entitled "Centroplex Sweeping Combines Savvy, Safety and Emphasis on Community Involvement," includes an audio interview about our company with our company president, Alfred T. Lopez. We invite you to click on the WorldSweeper.com Featured Contractor logo shown above to the left to view the article.

We look forward to assisting you! Give us a call and you'll discover that we operate a top notch company that provides a wide range of sweeping and related services.

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Phone: 254-716-9441

Fax: 254-412-0484

Instant Messenger: AIM

Contact Person: Alfred T. Lopez

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