BrightStar Property Maintenance

BrightStar Property Maintenance




Top quality equipment, professional personnel and an exhaustive list of services — you will find that BrightStar can handle all of your property maintenance needs!

The BrightStar Team offers many pluses not available with other property maintenance companies. These include use of state-of-the-art equipment, 24-hour emergency response, and real-time tracking reports made available by our experienced staff. BrightStar service is extremely reliable and consistent, and we offer a dedicated client representative who will work with your organization to assure optimum results. You will find we offer competitive pricing and are licensed, insured and bonded for your safety and security.

No matter your need, we will be glad to provide you with a free evaluation of your needs and estimate of service. Complementary before every service agreement, one of our BrightStar personnel will be glad to meet with you on-site to assess and discuss your specific needs.

Parking Lot Sweeping

Our company maintains a variety of sweepers to ensure you have the right machine for the job at hand.

Our sweeping services are available on a routine schedule, up to seven-days-per-week or on an as-needed or emergency basis. The BrightStar mission is to do what's needed to ensure you receive a quality job on each and every sweep. Because we tailor our services to each of our customer's specifications, the services we provide on each sweeping visit are designed to maximize the cleanliness of our clients' facilities. Our sweeping services include the following:

Equipmentsweeper, hand blower, magnetic bar, & manual service

Service Area: property perimeter including parking lots, driveways, and high traffic areas

  • Remove all debris (trash, recyclable material, leaves & organic material, and other miscellaneous items)
  • Service includes blowing behind car stops and corner areas where trash can accumulate easily
  • Magnetic bar used to remove nails, screws, and other metallic debris that could cause harm to vehicles

Porter/Building & Area Maintenance

Equipment: blower & manual service

Service Area: sidewalks & walkways, entry/exit points, dumpster areas

  • Blow and/or hand clean all public areas, focusing on high traffic zones
  • Blow and/or hand clean all landscaping, including islands and mulched areas
  • Empty and re-line all trash receptacles, including ash trays located in common areas
  • Clean loading docks and ramps, including surrounding dumpster areas

Pressure Cleaning & Power Washing

Equipmentindustrial power washer, Boom Lift

Service Area: all exterior surfaces including high walls, commercial bathrooms, industrial kitchens

  • Removal of grime/algae/mould & fungi/mildew
  • Removal of graffiti, bubble gum, and other hard to clean substances, et cetera
  • Gas Stations, awnings, and advertising signs & billboards are included in this service

Janitorial Services

Equipment: manual service

Service Area: exterior & interior areas

  • Clean lobby, staff areas, and high traffic zones
  • Empty and reline all trash receptacles
  • Perform customized requests outlined by client, tailored to specific service needs

Construction Clean-up

Equipment: Forklift, BobCat, & manual service

Service Area: interior & exterior areas

  • Remove all debris left after construction work
  • Conduct safety check to ensure hazardous material is removed or secured
  • Perform customized requests outlined by client, tailored to specific service needs 


Equipment: BobCat & manual service

Service Area: any requested by client

  • Fast & efficient removal of materials
  • Retrieve material from any requested area

Bulk Trash Removal

Equipment: Forklift & manual service

Service Area: interior & exterior areas, dumpsters

  • Professional and fast bulk trash removal from any desired area
  • Vacant/Abandoned area cleanouts

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