Best machine for getting asphalt lot clean

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Best machine for getting asphalt lot clean

Post by rtz » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:32 am

As we know; when asphalt ages; and traffic constantly loosens the aggregate or fines or whatever it's called in your area. Currently looking at Tymco machines. Looking for the absolute best machine that will remove every last loose stone from asphalt parking lots. Can it be done in one pass? Is it the brush type more then the machine? Is there some machine particularly suited for exactly this application that excels at it?

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Re: Best machine for getting asphalt lot clean

Post by Tom_in_CA » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:28 am

There's pro's and con's to each type. Broom vs vacuum type. As you surmise, the broom type is not going to get into the pores and recesses and cracks. And it's not going to get fine dust up. But it will excel at heavy debris. Like larger rocks, nuts, bolts, nails, etc... that a vacuum would struggle on. And it will have agitation action (to "knock loose") debris that a vacuum might miss.

And don't forget: The moment you add ground water (if you're using a Tymco vacuum) that you have defeated the purpose/ability of "getting all the dust up". Since the water will just paint down the dust, which remains till the sun dries the surface. Then presto, your dust is still there. But if your Tymco is operating correctly (and a bathtub of water on the inside), then you don't need groundwater anyhow. When done correctly, you can usually attain no ground water, with no (or very little) airborne dust.

Also, depending on the surface, there are some surfaces where a Tymco becomes a pain in the butt : If the surface is alligatored and cracked, I've seen times when the Tymco does TOO good. Ie.: it will try to lift out the puzzle pieces (that a broom would just leave there). And then the problem becomes: Is that every time you make passes, you pull out fist sized rocks. That get dragged 20 yards, and are too heavy to go up the up-tube, so they just fall to the side.

So it all just depends on your exact surface, your exact needs, etc....

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