HELP!!! Needed

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HELP!!! Needed

Post by asphalt » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:08 pm

Some back ground
I've been in the sweeping, line painting and paving industries for over 30 years here in Ontario Canada. I run a full paving operation and 10 street sweepers-7 Johnston vac trucks (605's and newer) and three high dump mechanicals. We do not do maintenance sweeping only winter clean-up as a crew. We do send out sweepers for construction site work individually.
I have a ground crew of four men that make all parking lots "sweeper truck friendly". They are provided a kubota tractor with front blower, a ride on Buffalo turbine, three 16 hp billy goats and a arsenal of stil back pack blowers. Our nick name for ourselves is "desert Storm" and as you have already guessed we do our best work under the cloak of darkness. We can accomplish 100% of 800,000 sq ft a night. The air blowing is the only way we are able to cover the ground in such a hurry, the furrow of dirt builds up quickly in front of the machines but by using one of the sweepers as a pickup and for curb cleaning we can rock a facility off in no time. I offer a one year warranty on our line painting knowing full well the surface is completely dust free.
Unfortunately due to a Union trying to move into my company I will be forced to shut down all of the operations as running within the hours and fees the union is imposing is unfeasible. I will continue as owner operator as I started out decades ago. But at least this time I will not be sitting on a single cylinder Tenant machine eating dust or pushing a 5 hp blower.
Due to not having the employees to run a ground crew I will attempt to process a heavily laden winter sand covered parking lot single handedly.
The only problem is the corners where most of the snow is piled. I have built a much heavier duty version of the RBMGX Rotary Broom with parts from decommissioned sweepers but not even the strongest guy can handle it in the corners let alone move it from corner to corner for the night. I need a machine that will pull out and polish the corners 20 feet in each direction or at the very least break-up the sand so I can blow it out. I have tried a skid steer front mounted pick up broom with gutter broom but it does not turn in the corner well and logistically I would need a huge float to carry all the equipment.
Is there any particular piece of equipment that I might not be aware of that can do the corners with minimum effort as I'm not getting any younger. I do realize that what a full crew was able to be accomplished in one night will more than likely take me 3-4 by myself but any advice would be welcomed.

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