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Improving This Board

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:38 pm
by PowerSweeping
Hey Guys,

This board has been created over five years ago and has so little popularity. I would like to make a few suggestions as a starter if the admins and creators are interested.

1. Please upgrade to more dedicated forum application. phpBB is not bad but, if this board would be taken seriously, it needs vBulletin platform.

2. The captcha is horrible. There are far better captcha plugins as of today. I had to register for a 2nd time because I could not overcome the captcha trap..

3. Invite Sweeping Companies and their reps to participate in active discussions and make it more attractive to the viewers.

4. Discussion boards for other industries like landscaping, pressure cleaning, snow plowing etc. have help a lot for their improvement. The power sweeping industry lacks a lot in that field. Lets try to make it better.


Fox Power Sweeping and Maintenance
S.E. Florida