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2008 "Best Practices" for Contract Sweepers

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Uri Ben-Yashar at NPE 2008

Uri Ben-Yashar, owner of East Coast Lot And Pavement Maintenance, was the moderator of the NPE 2008 seminar entitled "Best Practices" for Contract Sweepers.

The format of the seminar was that attendees split off into six different groups, depending upon their primary interest or ability to contribute to a one of the modules. During the brainstorming sessions that followed, each group came up with what they thought were the primary challenges in that area, as well as discussed solutions.

Following are the audio presentations that were made by facilitators of the seminar at the conclusion of the break-out group discussions. Just click on the audio's 'play arrow' to start it. These are all hosted online, so no files will download to your computer.

Mike Lucht

Alternatives, Given the Current Cost of New Equipment

Mike Lucht is the presenter for the discussion group on alternatives to purchase of new sweepers.

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Debbie Jacketta

Benefits: What Are They and Do They Affect Employee Retention?

Debbie Jacketta, principal in Jacketta Sweeping Service, is the facilitator providing information about this topic.

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Gerry Kesselring

Determining Your Costs of Doing Business

Gerry Kesselring, principal with Ohio-based Contract Sweepers and Equipment, provides the information that came from the group of contractors he led on the topic of evaluation of costs.

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Gabriel Vitale

Selling Service vs. Selling Price

Gabriel Vitale, principal in C & L Sweeper Service, provides a synopsis of the results of the discussion group he led on the ways to (and value of) selling service instead of relying on being the low bidder.

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Carl Barton

Carl Barton Discusses Efficiency in Sweeping Routes and Other Areas

Carl Barton, NAPSA vice-president, discusses how to work smarter instead of harder.

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Mark Carter also offered the group two handouts that speak to best practices when hiring employees. The handouts, entitled 'The Eight Biggest Mistakes That Hiring Businesses Make,' and 'Hiring The Right Employee,' are both PDF files.

Have comments? Let us know. For more information, you may also contact Uri via email sent to:

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