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April 20, 2009

Scott Cerosky Gone From Clean Streets Insurance Program

Founder of Clean Streets Insurance program let go, office closed.

by Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor

Scott Cerosky My phone and email have been blazing this last week with some of the top folks in the industry contacting me to see if I've heard the news: Scott Cerosky has been ousted by NSM Insurance Group in an apparent cost-cutting move. NSM is the company Cerosky sold his Clean Streets Insurance program to last year.

On the off chance you don't already know, for well over a decade Scott has worked tirelessly to develop the Clean Streets insurance program for the sweeping and pavement maintenance industries. He's been a regular at the National Pavement Expo, both as a booth holder and as a speaker, as well as the "go to guy" when any question about sweeper-related insurance coverages, liabilities, etc. surface.

In addition to being a founding and continuing member of the North American Power Sweeping Association, Scott currently sits on NAPSA's Board of Directors. Through the years, Scott has written a number of sweeping-targeted insurance articles for and elsewhere. In short, Cerosky has for many years dedicated his business life to making the sweeping industry a better, safer place.

When it comes to knowledge of the sweeping industry's risk areas and insurance needs, Scott long ago passed what might be called the core fundamentals. Through the years I have referred a number of sweeping contractors to Scott, not because they needed coverage, per se, but because they had unique and intricate questions about liability. They needed advice on what they might do to make their workers more safe and their businesses more secure. To my knowledge, Scott always followed through with assistance in a timely, thoughtful and professional manner.

I do not know what NSM has in mind for a replacement. However, because of the relatively small size of our industry and my twenty-plus years of covering it, I believe I do know the handful of people with substantial industry insurance experience. In my mind--and I know many others who share this belief--Scott Cerosky represented the person atop this list. Because of the unique makeup of the power sweeping industry, it would take many years for someone else to rise to Scott's extraordinary level of expertise. For most sweeping contractors, Scott Cerosky was the expertise they bought into when they decided to give the Clean Streets program a go.

I hope that Scott will be able to find a way to continue in his role as 'Chief Insurance Officer' for the power sweeping and pavement maintenance industries. Doing so would certainly seem to be in the best interests of our industry. When it comes to the multitude of insurance and risk management topics facing sweeping, Scott would seem to be an irreplaceable resource. Although we wish Scott well in all his future endeavors, at the same time we hope they involve power sweeping and insurance. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that this is a classic example of not knowing how valuable someone is until they are suddenly gone.

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