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Although the APWA rightly touts itself as the 'Best Show in Public Works,' this year the show had only one seminar that directly targeted the sweeping industry. I spoke to Karen Wilson, APWA's Project Manager for Adult Learning about this lack. We agreed that one way to encourage more sweeping-related seminars for next year would be to make sure everyone knew how to apply for presenting a seminar. So, here's the link to the website for submitting your presentation idea.

New Orleans Show LogoIf you have a question for Karen, you may reach her by calling 816-595-5210, or by sending an email to

By the way, there's an inside scoop on the picture you see showing me with the APWA mascot, P.W. Paws. The 'real' P.W. had to be elsewhere for awhile, so filling in for him in a 'P.W. Paws suit' is Kevin Clark, editor of the APWA Reporter.

We hope you will enjoy and learn from our APWA 2008 coverage. As you will see, it is split into seminar and vendor interviews.

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Table of Contents for APWA Seminars and Non-Vendor Coverage

SDT Waste and Debris Services Takes Bull by the Horns in New Orleans

After Hurricane Katrina, one of the problems that wasn't well documented concerned sweeping and waste disposal. In stepped Sidney Torres, IV, real estate developer, Louisiana native and former self-described "gopher" for musician, Lenny Kravitz. With a flair for ideas both new and different -- including spraying eucalyptus- and lemon-scented water in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras -- Torres' 2005 startup has taken the city by storm.

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Creating Customer Service Agreements for In-House Fleet Management

Steve Kibler, a 20-year veteran of municipal fleet management and head of that department for Loveland, Colorado, offered his rules of thumb for managing municipal fleets at APWA 2008. In the following audio interview with Kibler, he transmits the many ideas he has developed for making his fleet management department accountable and productive.

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Table of Contents for APWA Vendor Videos

We have about a dozen vendor videos in total that we'll post through the first half of September. Note that clicking on the company logo will take you to the company's website in a new window.

Work Zone Safety Logo

The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse is dedicated to providing the transportation construction industry and the general public with comprehensive information to improve motorist, worker and pedestrian safety in roadway work zones.

Today, the Clearinghouse has the world's largest online library of free information on these topics: accident and crash data, latest technologies and equipment, best practices, key safety engineer contact information, laws and regulations, worker safety training materials, research and publications, public education campaigns, Spanish language materials and educational materials for new drivers.

Since 1998, the Clearinghouse has provided assistance to more than 500,000 users from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 27 countries around the world. Hear about the company in this interview from APWA 2008.

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DCS Logo

Darby Corporate Solutions offers a full range of GPS solutions.

Here's your chance to hear about what the company offers from Nick DiStasis, DCS' Director of Sales. His info includes that they offer up to 200 different sensors to show sweeper-related issues like water usage, as well as all the more standard info. Hear about the company in this interview from APWA 2008.

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Purple Wave Logo

Purple Wave Auction Company is a Solution for Fleet Disposal

Although Purple Wave auction company is headquartered in Kansas, they have branch offices in several other parts of the U.S. They are the official auction company for the State of Kansas, and are now branching out to become a national force in this marketplace. Hear about the company in this interview from APWA 2008.

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RouteSmart Logo

RouteSmart Technologies Offers Sweeper Routing Software

RouteSmart Technologies is a 25-year-old company that is considered a driving force in the innovation and application of technology as a means for solving a wide range of fleet and personnel routing challenges. Hear about the company in this interview from APWA 2008.

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Iron Planet Logo

Learn About Iron Planet's Auction System for Excess Equipment

Greg Forke, Governmental Sales Manager for Iron Planet, discusses his company's auction program for excess equipment. Iron Planet helps the owners of rolling stock make more money on their used work vehicles. Take a look and hear why so many are finding it a way to make more $$ on unwanted fleet vehicles.

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AmeriTrak Logo

Learn About the Fleet Management Software of CCG Systems, Inc.

Allan Richardson, Senior Software Consultant for CCG Systems, Inc., provides an overview about his company's fleet management software.

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AmeriTrak Logo

Learn About AmeriTrak's Web-Based GPS System

Jeffery Edelstein discusses his company's cluster analysis feature in its GPS solution for fleet management. For more information, call 612-310-1419.

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Tom Rokas, long-time TYMCO sales manager, discusses the latest with his company at APWA 2008

TYMCO is one of the sweeping industry's leading manufacturers. Take a look at the product line they brought to APWA 2008.

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Buffalo Turbine Logo

Buffalo Turbine now offers a twin blower system.

Brad Westley, sales representative with Buffalo Turbine, discusses the latest in blower innovation coming from his company.

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Grey Island Logo

Learn About InterFleet's Web-Based GPS System

Brian Boychuk, Executive VP of Grey Island Systems, Inc., discusses his company's InterFleet GPS solution for fleet management.

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Accutag Logo

Interview with Accutag's Don Hults

Hults discusses the GPS and maintenance software product offered by Accutag Vehicle Systems, a wireless fleet management tool. Accutag uses data from GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and driver performance to provide users with high-quality, decision-making information.

By providing the information through a comprehensive reporting system, AccuTag can empower users to actively reduce fuel consumption, increase vehicle utilization, and improve the overall performance of fleet operations. For more information, call 1-888-FLT-MGMT or click on the logo, above.

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Nilfisk Logo

Interview with Nilfisk-Advance's Outdoor Area Manager, Nick Thomas

Thomas discusses the new Cyclone ride-on, sealed-to-the-surface pressure washer now being offered by Nilfisk-Advance.

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